wild mugwort tincture
wild mugwort tincture

wild mugwort tincture

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Glistening with silver-sage colored leaves, mugwort helps connect us to the yin, feminine, moon like energies within ourselves. She is commonly known as a sleep aid, as she carries mild sedative + anti-spasmodic qualities in her spirit + leaves. As she nurtures us to sleep, she may help to bring prophetic dreams through our third eye chakra while our conscious minds are resting. She is also considered an emenagog herb, meaning she helps to shed the uterine walls in women. This quality helps to regulate hormones + troublesome menses. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please don't use her medicine at this time. Her bitter taste is also a great digestive aid + could ease acid reflux.

Ingredients:  extraction of fresh wild harvested mugwort leaves + stems in 40% alcohol organic vodka.

Wild Harvested in California's Tehachapi Mountains.

2oz bottle with dropper.

Suggested use:  in the evening, take 2 droppers full in a glass of water about 2 hours before bedtime. Rest + dream well.  Please take into consideration that only you can determine the correct dose of this plant medicine.  Monitor your physical + emotional feelings during use...if necessary, please adjust dosage to your own body's + spirits needs.

Are you not sure what a tincture is?  It simply means that alcohol is used to extract the medicinal alkaloids from the healing plant.  Alcohol provides the strongest extraction + also allows for a longer shelf life of about 2 years.  There are other liquids or "menstrums" you can use to extract medicine from plants, like apple cider vinegar, food grade glycerin, even honey.  These would not be considered tinctures though as they do not use any alcohol.  Hope that helps you to understand a little more about herbal medicines. 




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