wild blueberry oatmeal raw sugar body scrub

wild blueberry oatmeal raw sugar body scrub

$ 20.00

Wild blueberries are nature's gift to our skin.  Filled with anti-oxidants, her berries protect our collagen leaving our skin looking fresh + renewed.  She also helps to relieve inflammation + her sweet aroma helps to lift our mood.  Oats may help to nourish + bring rest to our overworked nervous systems while gently soothing any dryness of our our skin.  This beautiful blend of plants mixed together with raw sugar + miraculous coconut oil will refresh our bodies, energies, + spirits in a magical way.

Ingredients:  organic dried oats, dried wild blueberries, organic blueberry flavor oil, organic virign coconut oil,  raw turbinado sugar, vitamin E oil.

Available in a 4 oz or 8oz jar.


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