sky kissed facial mist

sky kissed facial mist

$ 26.00

The beautiful plant bodies of rose, lavandin, + chamomile have each been kissed by the fresh blue sky as they grew in the Earth's bountiful soil.  Rose gives us her high vibrational essence while she gently nourishes our skin + teaches us how to love our truest selves.  Lavandin belongs to the relaxing lavender family...she graces our skin with anti-oxidants + uplifts our spirits with her loving presence.  The calming nature of chamomile cools + soothes our pores while connecting us to the abundant energy of the sun that lies within our bellies or solar plexus chakra.

Ingredients: organic rose hydrosol, organic lavandin hydrosol, organic chamomile hydrosol,+ non-gmo citric acid as a natural preservative.

2oz bottle with spray top.

Suggested use:  in a peaceful setting generously spray around face + neck.  Be sure to breathe in the lovely aroma of each plant with gratitude + exhale with love.

*Refrigeration will prolong the life of this natural mist.




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