pure bliss potion

pure bliss potion

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The linden tree harmonizes the universe above us with the earth below us.  She softens any anxiety built up around our hearts with her calming + peaceful nature, and she may help to lower our blood pressure.  Like a butterfly fluttering through a garden, Tulsi's spirit tunes our vibrations into the divine web of all existence.  She gently encourages us to listen to the silence beneath the noise of daily life + helps to reset our nervous system.  Tulsi is considered one of the holiest plants in Ayurveda + supports us with her motherly love.  The airy stalks of Oatstraw encourage us to chill out, go with the flow, + perhaps connect us to our true purpose in life.

Ingredients:  extraction of dried organic linden leaves, dried organic tulsi,  + dried organic oatstraw in organic vegetable glycerine + spring water.

1oz bottle with dropper.

Suggested use:  For children + adults 2 years of age and older...take up to 2 droppers full of potion in or followed by a glass of water no more than 4 times daily as needed. Please take into consideration that only you can determine the correct dose of this plant medicine.  Monitor your physical + emotional feelings during use...if necessary, please adjust dosage to your own body's + spirits needs.

Are you not sure what a potion is?  It simply means that multiple plants and/or liquids were blended together to create an herbal medicine.  The liquids or "menstrums" extract the medicinal alkaloids from each of the healing plants.  




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