nourish yourself box
nourish yourself box
nourish yourself box

nourish yourself box

$ 96.00

This "nourish yourself" box is a collection of apothecary items and guided meditations intended to nourish and balance each of your seven chakras.  Inside this natural wood box you will find these items:

~ chaga tincture for your root chakra.

~ vanilla jasmine bath + body oil for your sacral chakra. 

~ calendula + bergamot sea salt body scrub for your solar plexus.

~ heal your heart tea blend for your heart chakra.

~ sacred smoke mix for your throat chakra.

~ lavender anointing oil for your third eye + crown chakras.

~ a drawing + diagram of where each chakra is located on the body.

~ a set of postcards briefly explaining the significance of each chakra along with a guided meditation intended to bring awareness + balance to each chakra.

During my time with The Gaia School of Healing we were asked to complete a final project that reflected our journey throughout the year.  This box was my final project and highlights some of the plants that I became close with.  Studying each of the seven chakras and learning about the plants that nourish them was one of the most profound lessons I learned during my apprenticeship.  In order to live a wholesome life full of love, peace, + balance, it is wise to nourish each chakra with the same.  There are so many wonderful plants to help us with this. Mother Nature generously gives us so much; she is truly amazing.