herbal eye refresher
herbal eye refresher

herbal eye refresher

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Chamomile is mostly known for her calming + relaxing qualities, which are so nice, but she also holds many more lovely qualities.  In regards to skin care, she has a natural ability to heal our skin by reducing fine lines and she acts as an anti-inflammatory, which may help ease any swollen or puffy eyes.

Nettles is basically a goddess in plant form.  Not only does she teach our bodies to properly receive nourishment when drinking her in, but she is an amazing beauty herb full of vitamins + minerals that really boost our vitality inside + out. Her anti-oxidant properties help to fight off free radicals that may cause skin damage while her anti-inflammatory nature helps to reduce puffy eyes and possibly swollen joints or muscles.  

Ingredients:  dried organic chamomile flowers + dried organic stinging nettle leaves.

4oz. jar filled with herbs + 2 natural cotton tea bags.

Suggested use:   fill cotton tea bags with a few pinches of herbal blend.  Place bags in a tea cup or mug. Pour hot water over bags, cover, + let steep for 15-20 minutes.  Once completely cooled, pull bags out of water, lie down, + place wet bags over eyes for a few minutes.  Once removed our eyes will look + feel so refreshed.  It is highly encouraged to drink the remaining tea in your cup to receive this nourishing blend both inside + out.




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