creative flow potion
creative flow potion

creative flow potion

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The expansive spirit of schisandra fills us with vitality, confidence, + stamina that may connect us to our true purpose in life.  She stimulates our sacral waters which may increase our creative energy + ignite our sexual drive.  She helps to balance our hormones, boost our metabolism, + provides us with the nutrients for eternal youth.  She is considered an adaptogen, which helps to ground our bodies but in an electrifying way.  The cooling energy of hibiscus may help to clear out any stagnant energy in our womb space to make room for re-connecting to the beauty of our sensual bodies.  She is full of vitamin C which may help to tighten our skins pores along with our bodies qi, or life force energy.

Ingredients:  extraction of dried organic hibiscus flowers + dried organic schisandra berries in organic vegetable glycerine + spring water.

1oz bottle with dropper.

Suggested use:  For adults...take up to 2 droppers full of potion in or followed by a glass of water no more than 4 times daily as needed. Please take into consideration that only you can determine the correct dose of this plant medicine.  Monitor your physical + emotional feelings during use...if necessary, please adjust dosage to your own body's + spirits needs.

Are you not sure what a potion is?  It simply means that multiple plants and/or liquids were blended together to create an herbal medicine.  The liquids or "menstrums" extract the medicinal alkaloids from each of the healing plants.  




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