chaga tincture

chaga tincture

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With the grounding spirit of chaga our nervous + immune systems can find their natural state of balance allowing us to flow through our lives with lightness + flexibility.  This adaptogenic mushroom grows on damaged areas of birch trees in extremely cold climates which teaches us to adapt to any daily stresses of our own environments both physically + emotionally.

Ingredients:  extraction of dried organic chaga mushrooms in 40% handmade vodka + spring water.

2oz bottle with dropper.

Suggested use:  In a peaceful setting take 2 droppers full in a glass of water up to 3 times daily.  Allow 3 to 4 hours time to pass between each dose.  Please take into consideration that only you can determine the correct dose of this plant medicine.  Monitor your physical + emotional feelings during use...if necessary, please adjust dosage to your own body's + spirits needs.

Are you not sure what a tincture is?  It simply means that alcohol is used to extract the medicinal alkaloids from the healing plant.  Alcohol provides the strongest extraction + also allows for a longer shelf life of about 2 years.  There are other liquids or "menstrums" you can use to extract medicine from plants, like apple cider vinegar, food grade glycerin, even honey.  These would not be considered tinctures though as they do not use any alcohol.  The chaga mushroom however, requires a double extraction using both alcohol + water because the medicine released from chaga is deep beneath it's outer cell walls.  The water helps to break the cell walls open first so the alcohol can extract it's medicine.  Hope that helps you to understand a little more about herbal medicines. 




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