Moon Mingles

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Women have been gathering for centuries for a vast array of rituals, ceremonies, and just plain fun.  My sincere desire for Moon Minerals is not only to share beautiful plants with my community, but to also bring women together allowing us to connect with one another on a deeper level.  And so it is that Moon Mingles is born. 

WHAT are Moon Mingles?

Moon Mingles are sacred gatherings for women that love or appreciate Moon Minerals apothecary products and are looking to share them with their circle of friends.  Often planned around the New Moon or the Full Moon of each month, the hostess invites her female friends and family over to her home, or special location.  I visit the group with my line of Moon Minerals products for everyone to open, smell, taste, try out, learn more about, and simply enjoy.  Each gal can then place any orders for products they cherish, and I will make them up fresh within the month and ship them directly to each woman.  

I offer my guidance with meditation circles as well, encouraging the group to tune into the peaceful rhythms of nature and our bodies before mingling the day or night away.

An additional offering available to the group is to tap into our creativeness and learn how to make herbal remedies together.  I wholeheartedly believe that we each have the power and right to support and heal ourselves with the generous help of plants.  It is my great honor to share this skill of plant medicine making with lovely communities of women.  For a minimal additional fee, I will provide the necessary supplies and ingredients for medicine making.

WHO are Moon Mingles for?

Moon Mingles are for all women who are attracted to a more holistic lifestyle.  I encourage women from each cycle of life to gather with one another and share their life experiences, wisdom, and open hearts with one another...this is where deep medicine resides.  Moon Mingles are absolutely perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, creative teams co-worker bonding, or simply to enjoy an evening with your closest female companions.

WHERE do Moon Mingles take place?

Moon Mingles take place in the hostess' home or other special location of her choice.  If you need help finding that perfect place, please reach out to me for assistance and I would be happy to work with you.  I currently live in Tehachapi, California so Moon Mingles are offered within the Southern California region of the US at this time.  I am open to traveling further distances; please feel free to contact me to discuss this opportunity and see if we can work something out. 

WHEN should Moon Mingles happen?

Each month our Moon cycles around our Earth providing the waters, amongst many other natural elements with the ebb and flow needed for balance and survival.  As women, we experience this in our bodies with our monthly menstruation cycles.  Spiritual portals open every New Moon and every Full Moon allowing us to tap into these celestial energies and work with them to create magic in our lives.  It is not required, but merely suggested to plan Moon Mingles on or around these two special times the Moon provides us with her guidance each month.  

WHY should you host a Moon Mingles gathering?

It is becoming more and more apparent that our society is experiencing a shift in consciousness or energy.  Transparency and truths are being revealed through so many channels of social media, even traditional media sources.  The patriarchal systems of hierarchy, oppression, and constantly being "on" in which we have been born into are cracking open and beginning to crumble.  Where there are cracks or wounds, light is unveiled.  As women, this is our time to strengthen this light, step into our feminine power, and shine.  There is a tremendous opportunity for us to nurture our communities back into balance between the masculine and feminine energies and begin to live from a more heart centered place.  Potent forces are cast into the web of all existence when women gather in sacred circles.  Even if it seems to be a casual bridal shower, bachelorette party, or girls night in, there is no denying the influence females joined together in love have upon our world.  If you are looking to tap into your deepest potential as women and unleash your fierce feminine essence, please reach out to me and let's get this party started!

As a gift of gratitude, any Moon Mingles hostess receives $50 in freshly made Moon Minerals products.

HOW MUCH are Moon Mingles worth?

I genuinely believe that holistic health, wellness, and happiness are a birth right that every woman should be able to experience in her lifetime no matter what her economic situation is.  Moon Mingles are offered at a sliding scale rate of...

~ $35, $45, or $55 per hour for my time and energy at our gathering.

For Example:

If your Annual Gross Household Income ranges from $1 to $45K, $35/hour is your suggested rate.

If your Annual Gross Household Income ranges from $46K to $70K, $45/hour is your suggested rate.

If your Annual Gross Household Income ranges from $70K and above, $55/hour is your suggested rate.

(I am grateful for and appreciate your honesty with selecting your rate on the scale.)

There is a $40 travel fee for driving over 50 miles distance from Tehachapi, California.  

~ If we are going to create hand crafted herbal goodies during our time together, I ask for a $10 ingredient/supply fee per person attending the gathering.

HOW Can We Address the Covid-19 Pandemic?

~This delicate issue is effecting so many us right now.  Until we are advised by the CDC and our California government officials that it is 100% safe to gather socially without restrictions, we are going to need to take these pre-cautions to reduce the spread of this virus...

~Ensure that everyone attending the Moon Mingle is not experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or any other illness, and has not been in contact with anyone exposed or experiencing the virus.  If you are the hostess, it is recommended to pass this information along to all the invitees of the gathering.

~For now, we will have to plan seating at the gathering with at least 6ft of space in between each chair or cushion.  As the gathering begins, we will all need to be consistently aware of how close we stand or walk by another mingler, always being mindful of the 6ft of space.

~Before the mingle begins, frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, sink faucets, light switches, tables, and countertops shall be thoroughly cleaned.  I am definitely willing to arrive early and help out with this duty to lighten the workload on any hostess.

~For now, all apothecary products that want to be opened and smelled or tested will have to only be touched by my hands.  I will wash my hands with soap and water frequently throughout the mingle.  We can set up a display table of the products for me to stand behind that ensures 6ft of space between us during this interaction.

~If the group feels it's necessary, face coverings or masks can be worn during the gathering as well. 

Together we can get through this challenging time.

Are you ready to host a Moon Mingle?  

Please e-mail me at so we can begin planning.  Once a date is set in stone, I will send you an invoice for your review and payment.  Upon the day of the mingle, I will plan to arrive an hour or two prior to the gathering to set up and get acquainted with you and the sacred space we'll be co-creating together.

I am beyond excited to connect with you + our divine female community!