Our Story

MOON Minerals is a long time dream of our mother earth + the vast universe that has come into life through the hands of me, Kristen Luna.  The story began in Long Beach, California and has now ventured into the high desert Tehachapi mountains.  As a mother of two amazing boys, I have been exploring more natural + holistic ways of living since my first son Dominic was born back in the year 2000. Watching life grow right in front of me each day opened my eyes to how precious, pure, and vulnerable our bodies, minds, + spirits really are.  Cleansing with harsh chemicals or ingesting medicines with so many side effects never felt like the right way we should be treating our children, ourselves, or our planet.

In December of 2015 as a handmade holiday project, I began playing with the lovely scents of essential oils to make up all kinds of different apothecary items.  The whole experience was so refreshing + uplifting that I decided a serious new path was to be taken in the course of my life. I was half way through my second pregnancy with my youngest son Phoenix then...the timing seemed just right to change directions; another new life was about to enter our world.   

As I experimented + crafted more products, I began to ask a lot of questions about the herbs, flowers, + plants that I was working with, like where were they grown?  Or, what were all of their healing qualities?  Although I could easily research this on my own, I felt called to connect with the plants directly and enrolled in a sacred plant apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing in Malibu, CA the following year.  This awe inspiring + transformational school is exactly what I had been looking for to re-connect with my soul's purpose along with the ancient art of herbalism and natural healing that our modern culture has sadly forgotten.

Moon Minerals is a beautiful expression of my relationship with each plant and Earth found ingredient that I have come to know and love intimately over the past several years. Each product, crafted by my own two hands, is infused with prayers of love, gratitude, and deep healing for all.

An herbalists journey is a lifelong experience.  Each season that goes by, I am continuing to learn about many beautiful plants, their spirits, the way they grow, and their generous medicine.  As I continue to grow along with the plants, I will share them kindly with all of you.  Thank you so much for coming along on this blissful journey with me.


Much love,