monthly moon collection, march 2021
monthly moon collection, march 2021
monthly moon collection, march 2021
image by ryan loughlin via unsplash

monthly moon collection, march 2021

$ 144.00

We live in a cyclical world.  Within each day, month, year, + lifetime we sense these natural re-occuring rhythms.  Women experience this flow quite literally in their bodies during monthly menstruation.  However, we all perceive these patterns with the sunrise + sunset every day, the phases of the moon each month, the transforming seasons each year, + the stages of our lives we step into as time passes by throughout our lifetimes.

The Monthly Moon Collection is intended to re-connect us with these cyclical cadences of our natural world.  Each item included in the box is crafted to help align us with the current season so our lives may begin to flow with ease + grace, just as the Earth does when she is in balance.

Each month the contents of the collection will slightly change according to where we are on the Great Wheel of the year.  By purchasing the Monthly Moon Collection, you are signing up to receive this box every month on automatic delivery + payment.  You can cancel this membership at any time you wish.  The collection will ship out to you 1 week before the New Moon of every month as the Dark Moon is the beginning of a new monthly cycle.  A simple guide of suggested rituals and plant lore will also be included in your delivery.

Along with hand crafting + supplying folks with organic apothecary goods, a deep dream of mine is to create a loving, supportive community of like minded humans.  With each Monthly Moon Collection, I am also offering virtual guided group meditations on the eve of every Full Moon.  In this virtual space, we can intimately connect with ourselves and one another, breathe deeply together, + perhaps harmonize the vibrations of our entire planet. ;)  Please be sure to provide your most up to date + frequently used e-mail address during purchase so I can send you the group Zoom link a few days before the Full Moon.

The contents of March's Monthly Moon Collection are:

~ Sky Kissed Facial Mist

~ Morning Light Facial Oil

~ Midnight Glow Facial Oil

~ Create Tea Blend (plus a little refill bag so it lasts you all month)

~ Grapefruit + Hibiscus Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, the 8oz jar. 

~ Nourish Body + Soul Potion

*Your package will ship FOR FREE on March 6th 2021.  Be sure to use the discount code MONTHLY MOON FREE SHIPPING at checkout.  Free shipping only applies to the monthly re-occuring subscriptions.

**Please note, March's collection is limited to 9 people.  If you are really feeling this, please don't hesitate to purchase + sign up!

By including yourself in this monthly membership, you will be receiving fresh, organic, hand crafted, small batch, clean beauty products + herbal apothecary goods straight to your home from my hands.  Just like the food we eat, our skincare + natural remedies do have a limited shelf life.  This monthly collection is a superb way to treat yourself to youthful products, made up just days before caressing your body with them.   A little food for thought, as I understand this monthly self care collection is an investment.  I do, however, believe you are quite worth it. <3


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