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Lessons from the Land July 2020

As I begin to write this post, I take a deep inhale and sigh out my exhale.  The new land my family and I moved to back in March this year has already taught me so much.  These lessons are not like any type of traditional schooling.  They are filled with the experiences of trial and error, keen observing of our surroundings, and deep listening for what the land is truly in need of.   Throughout the last few years, I have been taking in so much information from books, blogs, posts, articles, websites, podcasts, and documentaries about organic gardening, regenerative farming, and biodynamic agriculture methods.  I find it so fascinating and could probably talk to you about soil quality, plants,...

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Dark + Light

< image via NASA instagram > As a child I was terrified of the dark.  As soon as the night fell, lights needed to be turned on.  I couldn't even sleep in the dark, my mom always had to leave the hallway light on to shine partially in my bedroom.  Even then, I slept with all the covers over my head to act as a protective shield against the darkness.  And then, in the middle of the night, I would wake up while everyone was sleeping only to feel scared and alone.  My sister's room was right across the hall from me so every night I would slip into her bed for comfort.  To try and keep me in my...

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Caring for Yourself is Caring for the World.

After the arrival of Winter Solstice and all the celebrations of Christmas I often find myself in a sort of purgatory state waiting for the New Year to begin.  This year however, I've decided to be more mindful with these few days of down time by practicing self care rituals each day so I am able to step into the New Year with nourished, balanced roots.  As individuals, it really is so important to tend to our own needs physically, mentally, + spiritually.  We are all a part of a much larger collective.  If one of us is down, it really does affect the whole web of life and the entire world around us.  Many of us, myself included, may often say or think that we...

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